No love, no glory

It can be a very difficult time in one’s life when a relationship is near its end.. I feel we hold on at times way to long and stop our energy from moving forward. We may hold on for fear of being alone, financial failure, our children/dogs, change, or just feeling bad for the other people’s emotions. I feel every relationship serves a purpose whether it’s healthy or not. We must open our eyes for the lessons we can learn from each person who has entered our lives. Some have made us stronger and some teach us what to never repeat again.

I have seen people waste so much of their energy on someone who has moved forward from their lives. What baffles me the most is when someone has not given up on a past relationship years after it has ended. This is so bad because it blocks someone new from entering that person’s life.

When it happened to me I tried to focus on helping me get closure to the reason why it ended. Some of the most common signs of a relationship failure is loose of love. Love runs on many levels within one’s heart. You must first try to determine if you love him or are just in love with. When you love you care about ones well-being as a person. You may just be living in a platonic state and not allowing real joy to flow within your hearts.

Fear of never finding true love or not knowing where your life will lead if you walked away can keep a failed relationship going. Signs of constant arguments, distrust, cheating, drinking and drug use, going out with friends way to much, working overtime when money is not an issue, distance while in the same space, day dreaming constantly, and mostly lack of intimacy are red flags that it is time to end a relationship.

One has to be stronger and remove fears of what is holding us back. When we stay in unhealthy relationships our families suffer, our friends feel uncomfortable, and we suffer. If someone has moved on from you and does not come back into your life, try to forgive them and look at the lessons that relationship has taught you. It can be extremely lonely at first and a lot of self reflecting will hit you hard. It can be a shame when we do not allow ourselves to heal and we stay blocked from moving forward.

Life is not a game and we need to learn to respect one another for their feelings, truth, and emotions. If effort is not made mutually and trust cannot be restored, we can be heading down a path of destruction with one another. It is not about settling with someone out of fear or security but being with someone for you have fallen in love with each other. Life can be very long so do not give up your search for true love and that person who completes your life.

Think it’s the effect of alcohol, famine, antidepressants and vitamins that made me wake up so desperate for understanding me, my feelings and beyond. Decided going back to gym, it makes me feel good inside and outside and if I want to be with someone I must at least be good inside, the outside is up to him to decide if it is or not worthwhile.


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