Once upon a time there where this man who loved feeling the wind softly kissing his face standing on the edge of an abysm.  One night a great storm surprised him and he was blown into to deepness of the earth, which in fact was not that deep. The impact against the rocks smashed his skull and his eyeballs popped out of their orbits like popcorn in hot oil. I’ve already said that life’s a bitch and then you die, but no one seems to give a damn.  Sometimes we take big risks in the name of a life less gray, more vivid with tons of colors and light and different kinds of shapes. And we’re supposed to do that as the storm can catch us at the edge of the abysm feeling the wind or just dropping some garbage and kill us the same. Let’s explode before the inevitable happens.

Last night it was a pleasant unusual Tuesday-night. I went out to join some friends to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday. I was the new guy there, so I felt really dislocated as shy as I am. I thought all our other friends in common would be there, but they never appeared. I am a disaster when it comes to socializing with strangers, I don’t know how to deal with people, if they only were dogs, cats and koi fishes I could comb them, trough some bones and exterminate some of theirs fleas… In the end I survived and I was saved by the bell, I mean, by a phone call remembering me that I had another meeting that night. I went to the movies, Rabbit’s Hole, a great movie about parents trying to move on with their lives after loosing a four-years-old son. Touching, as my company. I never go out on Tuesdays and I realized it’s completely compatible with waking up early on Wednesday, I slept few hours less but had so much fun that it was easier to wake up today. Hope it becomes the wind on my face and that it never smashes my skull.

As the day of my trip to Buenos Aires approaches I started feeling the smell and taste of the media lunas and dulce de leche invading my dreams. I love their breakfast with all kind of local delicacies. Hope it’s colder in Argentina; here it’s so hot last weeks, unusual for May. My friends who’ll join me already told me they won’t let me overeat there as I told them I did last time in Buenos Aires. They know my physiotherapist told me my next step is to loose my protuberant belly.  I must come up with a plan to avoid them at breakfast time; I can’t resist a dozen media lunas!

Next Friday it’s my bother’s birthday, he’s going 28 and it feels awkward for me, I am so used with the image of we being so close, so symbiotic that the idea of him having his own house, family and life frightens me. It’s my time to fly from my parents’ house, I know and I crave for it, but it still sounds sad for me. I am thinking about a good gift, between a soccer t-shirt and a pair of shoes. He deserves all the best.

Long days ahead, lot of work to do. Wish you all a great May 🙂


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