“I guess we’re at our best when we’re miles away”

It’s weird how fantastic things can be waiting for one behind a corner. No one expects for the Spanish Inquisition, I know, but I don’t use to expect really great things too, they don’t always happen without some effort from myself. I am talking about my next trip to Europe, in July. I already got the tickets, the best company I could ask for and excitement is not gonna be a problem, I am really looking forward to this and will be counting the hours until the departure of my flight. I have always been in love with France, may not be a perfect country (which one is?), but it has so many qualities, people were really nice to me the two times I were there before, nothing to complain on that. Paris is one of the greatest cities, I haven’t been in so many places, but Paris is definitely among the top 5 in my list, among Chicago, Buenos Aires, Berlin and New York. This time Paris is not included on my itinerary and I really believe it won’t be a problem, because finally I am going to see some charming cities south-west France, as Toulouse, it’s neighborhood and Bordeaux.  My friends who will join me, in fact I am going to join them, Eric and Jean Pierre, are planning to take me to small cities around Toulouse, that as far as I know is a large city, not large as Paris, but not a village. Wish we had time to go to the Alps, maybe Nice and Marseille, maybe next time, we’re staying there together for only two weeks, so many things to do, so many moments to share. I am sure it’ll be unique.

Before France I have two other trips already planed. Tomorrow night I am leaving to Aracruz, small town in Espirito Santo, wonderful beaches and rich nature. Hope I can rest, read the books I have been planning to read and lay few hours under the sun, I need it, for so many weeks I’ve been waiting for some time to get tan, need to charge my batteries like Superman. Mom, my brother, his wife and my niece are gonna join me. We’ll spend Easter holyday there, my other brothers and father won’t join us because they had already planned a trip to one of my aunt’s house, in Capitólio, here in Minas Gerais. My dogs will stay with my cousin, poor thing, she’s gonna work on the holyday, lucky on me. Wish she could join us, but if she did I would have to stay to take care of my babies.

My next stop will be Buenos Aires, mi querido Buenos Aires. I have been there thrice, last time in 2009. Always had great time there, always traveled with great friends. This time won’t be different. Lizaura and her best friend Julia will be on vacations, I won’t, but I asked my boss and she let me take two days off, so we will stay for 4 days, including one weekend. The girls are excited about Argentinian guys, and they should, they are exquisite. We all are traveling single, for the first time, during all the trips we did together on the past at least one of us were dating. Who knows what can happen down there in Argentina? Just wait for scenes from the next chapter on this blog!

I am really enjoying writing in English, but as no one leaves comments I really don’t know how it’s working, I am sure I commit many mistakes and I cannot see how to correct them without someone pointing me… But I won’t stop either way. I am looking forward for the day I will be able to write at least a paragraph in French, but I don’t even have a teacher yet. Oh, just remind I had to call a potential teacher this afternoon. It’s already 10pm, maybe I will call tomorrow morning. Shit.

Well, my other master plan, Canada, is not gonna happen any time soon. They don’t have many jobs available for family doctors right now. But I will keep my eye on the website, who knows when I’ll grab a job and move from the tropics. I am not disappointed, because I have other options, thanks God, or better, thanks my education and youth. LOL

Today a patient of mine told me she really likes me and that she felt sad when she found out I was leaving the clinic. I was surprised because I did not know I was leaving. She explained herself, she thought my students were going to take my place and that I would move to a better place, like a hospital or private practice. Resuming, she thought I was evolving, getting a promotion, but I am not. I felt sad for a while, but then I realized I am happy with my job, my position, my status. I really don’t wanna be chief of anything, don’t’ aim this kind of power, I wouldn’t know how to deal with it. I am a worker, a doer. So I told her I was not gonna leave them that easy. She felt happy, I guess. I hope!

United States… Oh, I miss it so so much. I had plans to go watch Glee presentation in Boston and some Broadway plays, but guess I won’t make it this year. Who knows, if the Government gives me back some of the taxes I paid last year, in August, maybe I can buy a ticket and spend at least one week walking around the Big Apple, maybe as my birthday gift in November. My brother want’s me so hard to go, maybe he will even help me pay the ticket so I can buy him an Xbox and a notebook, much more expensive here in Brazil.

Ok, now I am gonna pack. Not many things to carry, that’s the best part of going to the beach, the clothes are light and occupy so few space, maybe I’ll take just a backpack. I am not sure if my cellphone will work there, hope they have a good signal, I am anxious with the idea of not having internet for four days. I need a shrink, I mean, another one.

Leave you with the official video of Miles Away, great song by Madonna, live in Buenos Aires! 🙂 (ok, maybe not live, but with images took there 🙂


Um comentário sobre ““I guess we’re at our best when we’re miles away”

  1. Eric disse:

    Hey I am delighted to see that some of your projects take shape. Useless to have it too many either ! 🙂
    If you are really looking for a french teacher, it seems to me that I could help you with no problem at all ! My control of french language is completed. 🙂
    As for the site in English, it is so more accessible for me… In any case, feel reassured, that works well.
    Bon séjour à Aracruz et à très bientôt !!!

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