The book is on the table – the tale

I have been delaying my first publishing in English for time enough. Not sure if it’s the half kilo chocolate piece I ate this weekend or if it’s my new set goal for the year, but even my thought were in English today. Either way, I felt inspired this morning and after all my duties done I am here seated with SAP function turned on trying to use the Queen’s language to express myself.

I started the year with a thousand plans and until four weeks ago they were all dead. For many reasons, as money, love deception, despair, loneliness, my job, my dogs, I’ve changed my mind many times and most of the time in a way I’d have much less fun and my life would be stuck in mood again. Nothing new, all my life had been like this. Thankfully at a drop of a hat, or after my doctor raised my anti-depressive dosage, I am back to business. For the first time I am really bound to move from Brazil, not for good, maybe for a decade, and Canada is my victim. Quebec area has a huge lack of human resources, physicians are not the most wanted, but I will give it a shot and assign for the migration program. I would be more motivated if I had some friend joining me, but maybe it’s my time to do things myself, without hiding behind someone’s choices. God, I do not know if I am making myself clear, the same would happen if I were writing in Portuguese. Anyway, in 2012 I may be living my dream, overseas, in Canada, freezing to death, happy as hell. I have to practice my English and start learning some French quickly! If any of you know a French teacher, please, let me know, I need some private classes.

Just yesterday I went to the movies after jogging and buying some Easter gifts. Scream 4 was released years and years after the third movie of the franchise, but it seemed to me it was the other day me and my cousin, who is another affectionate about Scream movies, were in despair here at my home watching the 3 movies over and over. I am really in love with the three main characters, they seem like family, I feel their pain, their sorrow, their relief. I don’t want to spoil the movie so I cannot tell a lot, but I loved it, ate popcorn and had a large soda, as I used to do in nineties.

My dog is so quiet today, I am really afraid he is sick. Maybe he is just taking some rest, he was sexually excited all week, trying to fornicate with my little one and I think it may have drained all his energy. He is so sweet, so cute, I want to hug him all the time, even after he tried and reached my lunch today, leaving me hungry until the second pizza arrived. Yes, he ate a whole marguerite pizza, my fault, of course, I left it on the table and went to a shower. Hope at least Vida had some pizza with him.

Next week I only have to work for two days, then I will go to a paradisiac beach with mom and my brother’s family. I am so looking forward for it, I want to get some tan, run on the beach, rest a little, spend time with my daughter-in-law. We will spend 4 days away, than back to work. I’ll have all this time off because of the holydays, a national hero day and the Easter celebration. These times I feel lucky for living in a catholic country, maybe only at these times, so many holydays.

I felt sad this week watching some TV programs about intolerance, mainly against the transvestites. Many of them are brutally killed every week all over Brazil, with no reason if not the ones on the disturbed mind of the so-called skinheads and other groups so violent as. It’s horrifying how people can join this causes, get together at night to go out looking for transvestites at the street and out of the blue kill them!  One of the TV show presented an interview with a whole gang of criminals, they called themselves individuals with great respect for life and good manners, but they cannot explain how all this respect collide with the fact of them fighting against other human beings that had done nothing wrong to them. I don’t know who to blame, their parents, school, the government, the economy? In some moments of human history groups like these rises, the society will decide if they will prevail, as it happened in Germany on the 1930’s, or they will be repressed, with education, strong arguments, humanization. Ok, my English battery is almost gone. Have to save some because I’ll watch Fringe now.

A whole new week ahead. Hope you all have a lot of productive things to do, have fun when it’s possible and do not suffer more than the necessary.


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